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Art and Jan pose for a picture at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Residents Share Why They Chose Regent at Burnsville

Jan and Art admit they did not want to leave their home. But, after Jan fell down the basement steps, their daughter said, “That’s it. You’re leaving your home.”

“We had it in the back of our minds that if and when we had to go somewhere, this would be it,” Jan says of Regent at Burnsville.

They moved into a two-bedroom independent living apartment in April 2022.

Their daughter asked them to relocate to Madison, WI, to be closer to her. They decided against moving away from friends, bridge groups and St. Olaf College, their alma mater where they met.

“We wanted to be here in our own community,” Jan says. “We have a group of people here that are getting to be like family to tell the truth.”

Regent’s location within Burnsville, MN was a huge selling point.

“That’s why we’re here,” Jan says. “Our beautiful home is one mile to the west. We would come over here and park and walk around Earley Lake.”

Jan and Art say the lake is an appealing factor for many people.

So many conveniences are a short drive away.

“It’s convenient to everything: our church, the Burnsville Center, the salon where our stylist is,” Jan says. “We have a lot of friends in the neighborhood.”

They even have the option to ride the bus to their church every other week.

Jan and Art chose a large, two-bedroom apartment. Because they chose an apartment with more square footage, they don’t have a balcony. However, they do have a partial view of Lake Earley.

They also have a full kitchen, fireplace, washer and dryer in their apartment.

They take advantage of underground parking and even wash their car onsite.

Most importantly,” It’s a secure feeling to be in a safe place here,” Jan says.

Convenience is key, as well.

They don’t have to worry about maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, upkeep or leaving a home unattended when they go on one of their many vacations.

Regent at Burnsville residents can age in place. Even if they need assisted living services, they don’t have to move.

“If we would, all of a sudden, need those services, we just change our status from independent living to assisted living,” Jan says. “There’s memory care right next door, too.”

That played a factor in their decision.

“Some people said, ‘Why didn’t you get a townhouse or apartment? You could do that a lot cheaper.’ We thought we could move one time, be here and not have to move again,” Jan says.

Jan and Art participate in many activities and describe the activities staff as wonderful.

“We enjoy bingo when it works to do it; I do crafts; Art goes to men’s group,” Jan says. “We do everything we can when it works out with our schedule.”

They’re thankful for a donation from the Burnsville Lions Club for the purchase of a screen for movie nights.

“Every Friday, we have movies,” Jan says. “We can give suggestions of what we want to see.”

They also helped add an activity: a bridge club that meets after happy hour every Friday afternoon. This allows them to continue their passion for bridge, a game they used to play in tournaments across the country.

Sponsored activities and events also happen outside the community; including outings such as a boat ride and visits to Como Park, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, the Swedish Institute and other destinations.

Jan and Art appreciate their neighbors and staff alike.

“The housekeeping people are great, the maintenance people are great … the people at the front desk are really friendly,” Jan says.

They speak highly of Chef Ricco. They don’t eat many chef-inspired meals at the community, but that’s not because they don’t enjoy the food.

“Ricco is wonderful. The food is wonderful,” Jan says. “I still cook; we don’t eat that much; we order an occasional dinner if it’s something we like.”

Jan especially likes to get out and meet the neighbors.

“I like to get 10,000 steps every day and we can get that walking the halls,” Jan says. “There are a lot of really nice residents here. My goal is to give hugs to people who don’t get them and the staff who will let me hug them.”

The couple is always working to recruit others to join them at Regent at Burnsville, and some friends have.

To anyone looking for a senior living community in the southeast metro of the Twin Cities, Jan and Art have a simple message:

“Come and visit us and we’ll show you around.”