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What Works Best for Older Adults? College Students Redesign Part of The Pines Assisted Living

How different will  a building tailored to older adults look than one for younger people? Students from Century College recently redesigned a care-suite at the Pines Senior and Assisted Living Community in Richfield. The task proved to be challenging, as students had to look at their designs from the perspective of an older adult, who will often interpret styles and patterns differently than a younger person. Students then must take residents’ preferences and tastes into account. Ultimately, students say they learned design is all about the end-user’s preferences of style, fabrics, and design.

Designs were presented Monday, April 25th at The Pines. After many months of hard work, The Pines leadership decided to take pieces from multiple student’s projects and apply them to the design of the community’s care-suite. Through this experience, students were able to look at interior design through a different lens and gain valuable experience as well. “Older generations have so many insights they can share about life and how to live it,” says Housing Director Lisa Cameron. “This project is about bringing generations together to listen to each other.”

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