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Twins CEO offers Stadium Suite to Fan Celebrating 95th Birthday

 As Augustana Care is newly affiliated with Elim Care, we want to share this wonderful story about Elim Care’s community Haven Homes. News features may be seen at the KARE-11 website, the Pioneer Laker newspaper, Fox9 News and KSTP websites as well.

The Minnesota Twins have always held a special place in Betty Sandberg’s heart. She and her husband always enjoyed watching the team on television—and Betty continued to watch after her husband passed away. Her favorite player was Justin Morneau, and she was crushed when he was traded in 2013.

Recently, Betty moved to Haven Homes, an Elim Care community in Maple Plain, MN, due to diminishing physical abilities and poor eyesight. Although she can only see a blurry light while watching television, she was greatly looking forward to seeing the Twins once the season started.

 “She loves listening to Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven, and was thrilled to hear that Justin Morneau would be joining the broadcast team,” says Betty’s son, Bruce Sandberg. Unfortunately, in order to watch her beloved Twins, she would have to purchase a service package costing $95 to $105 for a month, which she cannot afford.

Bruce decided to write to the leaders of Mediacom, Fox Sports North, and the Twins to ask if they could come up with a solution. Twins President Dave St. Peter’s solution came first: he offered Betty the use of a suite for a total of 16 people on April 10 at Target Field, so they can all enjoy the game live. This is an especially fortuitous date, as Betty’s birthday is April 8.

“This is a wonderful and completely unexpected gesture on the part of the Twins,” says Bruce. “It’s all our mom has been able to talk about since she found out about this.” Two of the guests were staff from Haven Homes, “because of the wonderful care our mom has received,” according to Bruce.

“She is calling this her favorite birthday present ever,” says Betty’s daughter Julie Shipman. “She even wore her World Series sweatshirt to the game! The Twins have made a long-time fan very happy.”

About Elim Care

Elim Care, Inc. is a Minnesota-based ministry founded in 1927 to provide quality, compassionate, and innovative senior housing and healthcare in the spirit of Christ’s love.

Elim Care is now affiliated with Minnesota-based eldercare provider Augustana Care, which fosters fullness of life for older adults through housing, health care and community-based services.