Older and Wiser

The Move of a Lifetime

Relocation for Older Adults often presents a unique set of circumstances.

For the past 18 years, my husband and I have owned and operated a senior move management company which has been coordinating moves for older adults Twin Cities wide since 1990. Senior move managers are the “Master Coordinators of the Moves”, assisting clients in creating a floor plan for their new residence, tackling the daunting task of sorting and getting rid of unwanted possessions, arranging and supervising the move itself and unpacking and totally resettling our clients. But, as you might imagine, managing moves has taken on a whole new dimension since COVID-19 came to visit. 

For longer than I can remember, our company has had the privilege of working with Cassia senior communities throughout the Twin Cities metro. Since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, we are finding ourselves primarily involved in essential moves- moves requiring a greater level of care or the safety of a memory care unit. We are also assisting clients that have sold their home and have a closing date that creates a stark deadline and adds an additional element of anxiety. These days, our clients have many extenuating circumstances and pressing needs to relocate and we are honored to be there for them and make their transitions happen with far less stress than if they managed them on their own.

Not unlike so many other essential workers that “show up” during this unique stretch, a solid group of our employees do so as well. My husband and I find ourselves continually amazed at the dedication of our employee group. I think we now realize it is the “new normal” for the time being, so we continue with our mission one move at a time. We are in a continual state of educating ourselves on the safety and health protocol of senior housing organizations throughout the metro, in addition to following our own. Our Move Managers manage each unique move, making every effort to uphold the health and safety of our older adult client as well as our employee group. The move must go on.

In future Cassia blog posts, I will be sharing downsizing tips that offer a productive use of time during this stretch when people are staying close to home.   

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