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Examining Elderspeak: How it Hurts and How to Change (1 CEU)

Language reveals so much about the stereotypes of aging. Intending to express care and concern, professionals sometimes stumble into a pattern of speech called Elderspeak. Research uncovers the harmful effects it has on older adults. Looking closely at this prevalent language habit can reveal hidden ageist attitudes and fears. 

Patty Crawford discusses how you can reverse this pervasive language dilemma to become a more effective service provider, helping to infuse value and purpose into the later chapters of life.

Patty Crawford

Presented by Patty Crawford, I Am Cassia Director of Engagement.

Patty Crawford is in her 44th year of serving older adults through Augustana Care and, now, Cassia. Patty earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Augsburg University. Her graduate research topic was Elderspeak and Identity Subversion: A Leadership Challenge in Elder Services. Using a cross disciplinary approach and her years of experience in the field, Patty reveals the pervasiveness of this ageist linguistic style in care settings and social settings, and the impact it has on an individual’s self-esteem and wellness. Her approach will challenge you to think about really happens as we age in America.