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Long Road to Immunity

The Cassia Life

Yes, long, and sometimes rough and hard to follow. The toughest question has been, “Who’s next?” (to get vaccinated against Covid-19). And just as important, “Who says who’s next?” Mix in unrelated major happenings–a highly… READ MORE

Those Old Family Photos

The Cassia Life

Like Gold Hidden Away Just where are they right now–your cache of old family pictures? Numbering in the hundreds, maybe the thousands, such collections might include prints, negatives, slides, digital prints on your home computer,… READ MORE

Pandemic’s Legacy to be With Us in Future

The Cassia Life

The end of the pandemic appears to be coming closer. Dare we hope? A variety of companies are seeking approval for use of their immunization products in the USA. And this Friday morning as I edit this blog, my morning newspaper’s front page headline reads, “Pfizer vaccine gets key U.S. OK.” And the world’s first Covid-19 vaccination is being given today to a British woman. Millions eventually will follow world wide. READ MORE

How to Really Love an Old Guy

The Cassia Life

In a few words, be present and attentive. In other words, be there, constantly and faithfully. To really love an old guy, love so that he knows it. In any emotion-based endeavor, long-lasting support is love from the heart. READ MORE

Special Power in Senior Vote

The Cassia Life

One person, one vote. It’s the way we conduct elections here in the USA, and perhaps the way it should be everywhere. One vote per person probably comes as close as a system can in delivering equal impact per person. READ MORE

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